Trainings of Klicker Consulting

Klicker Consulting has become well-known and recognized on the training market 5 years ago by developing a unique technology, today widely known as dog assisted trainings. Being the one who developed the methodology, and the only one on the market practicing the methodology, HR and top managers realized that they have found the missing puzzle in us that is lacking in all other development techniques. The out of the box approach, and the presence of dogs resulted in that  we have been assigned to take part in the development of employees, managers, and top level managers of many multinational companies on a yearly basis.

Celebrating over 300 dog assisted trainings, more than 350 soft skill trainings (without the assistance of animals) and more than 500 hours of business coaching we are proud to be a significant player on the field of trainings. Moreover we are proud to be part of an in-depth development of individuals and teams, contributing to business results of brands and companies, creating stories that will last for ever, and creating visual motivation that will have a long-term impact.

The team we are proud of consist of 6 business trainers, 18 dogs and 3 horses. Our business trainers have an extensive knowledge and past in business enviroment, many of us have spent over 20 years in global multinational companies. We have no perfect theory, we have no perfect recipe, because we truly believe that in all cases the focus point is in understanding the person within the organization and understanding the organization within the goals and targets, therefore only tailormade solutions are acceptable.

Majority of our trainings evolve around the below topics:

  •  Effectice communication skills
  • Motivation factors – Internal, External
  • Mindfulness today
  • Sales practices – The 49ers
  • Leadership management skills
  • Stress management
  • Message based team buidling events
  • Behaviour driven leadership management
  • Organizational development – The „Problem tree” theory
  • Conflict management
  • Walking coaching
  • Presentation skills
  • Facilitated problem solving techniques

Dog assisted trainings:

Philosophy and methodology of Klicker Consulting

We build our methodolgy on the wonders of nature, since these structures have been a solid background for thousands of years in effective functioning and being. We examine the wolf and its descendant the dog, since their behaviour and reactions can be observed and applied for human behaviour as well.

During our trainings the participants have the opportunity to experience to work with dogs. The dogs we are working with are specially trained service dogs. Depending on the profile of the training the participating dogs may vary as well.

The relationship between humans and dogs, organisation and pack model from Alfa to Omega, similarities and differences, insticts and conscious behaviour, are all features that provides the fundamentals of the methodology, of course applying it to every day matters in private and business life.

Based on our experience, the honesty of animals is breaking down the barriers inside of us, and make us possible to open towards the world in a different way, and make us able to rely on our insticts. We experience and develop, and while examining and understanding the structures and rules of a pack of dogs, it will serve as a basic guidance for effective functioning of humans as well.

Communications trainings 

Non-verbal elements dominate up to 70-75% in communication between humans. Still we may sometimes forget the meaning of these elements, even though many times conscious and sub-conscious behaviour is mostly influenced by non- verbal communication.

When talking to a person we may believe after a conversation that it was successful based on the positive feedback of the other party, still many times these reactions originate from politeness, or socialization panels. You may be familiar with the following sentence: „…of course I am very interested in this, but lets get back to this later…”. Usually in these situations there is minimal intrest in us towards that issue, what this is all about is not to hurt the feelings of the other person. If we would be able to put this aside, we would many times leave the person we talk to due to lack of interest. These conversations may result uncertainty in someone as the content is contrary to the result.

In our methodology dogs do not pay attention to any socialization factors, neither courtesy factors, they purely reflect if the communicator is interesting or not. Moreover dogs give feedback on the effectiveness and colourfulness of our non-verbal and verbal communication we use, independent of its content. We have experienced that straight forward communication with dogs help us in our every day communication with people, making it more and more effective. It can clearly be seen, why someone becomes interesting for them, how the non-verbal communication influence their reactions, how long someone can preserve the attention of dogs, and what it does to a persons feelings.

Leadership management trainings 

Being a leader is a respectful and responsible task in every areas of life. Many people dream about reaching a position being a leader. When time comes, they realize that being a good leader requires various competencies. Determination, trust in yourself, earning and maintaining respect, patience, creativity, pedagogic senses and many other features characterizes a good leader. Not to talk about the fact that a good leader needs to recognize the best possible solution in every situation. When to be in a leading, supporting, or delegating role is also a key question for a leader. Besides that it is inevitable for a good leader to constantly improve and develop, and to achieve this many times you need external help, new ideas, motivation tools. Even though all these are given, we may want to rethink certain situations.

Most important for us is to lay down and strengthen the basics of leadership management, because without these it is impossible to improve. Our methodology makes it possible to recognize the milestones of leadership management, since the observation, teaching and leading of animals, and the experience obtained from these help us in understanding how things work.

Our goal is that leaders who have been trained by us recognize and apply their skills and roles, and recognize the most effective behaviour, possibilities and approach in every aspect of life. The dogs are capable of showing each leader, what impact they have on the dog. We demonstrate business situations and situations in life with our dogs, in which the participants need to use all the skills they have. The reaction of the dogs are clear, which shows the development and improvement areas in terms of competencies. You can lie to yourself, but you can not lie to your dog.

Sales trainings 

A successful sales person holds competencies that can influence his negotiating partner into a positive direction. Important is determination, good communication skills, and it is inevitable to gain trust, to obtain and maintain the attention of the business partner or customer. Our tasks with the dogs demonstrate the posession or the lack of these competencies. We have a variety of different tasks in order for the participants to get a real picture of themselves and to be able to point out the improvement areas, and to see their strengths to build on.

Building confidence and trust requires a fast procedure for a sales person either in communication via phone, or in person. The success in cooperating with the dogs is the fact that these competencies can easily be shown from an instict point of view, putting aside all courtesy or social formulas, which may many time take us in the wrong direction. The ability of receiving and maintaining attention is also a key momentum in our methodology. Also the right and appropriate use of verbal and non-verbal communication is part of the revealing and solving tasks.

Self acknowledgment trainings 

We often hear the following sentece from dog owners: „the dog is exactly like you are …” Those who know the world of animals from a closer look, they know that dogs are capable of reflecting the same energy that is in us, working as a mirror of our characteristics. Those who have laid their foot on the path of self recognition, they know that this is one of the, if not the hardest research work ever existed., i.e. getting to know yourself. The more you know about yourself, the more questions you will have. There might also be major points in life, where we need to aquire external help in order to be able to move on.

We ask our dogs to help us in this, as they are able to mirror what is inside of us, that we might not see ourselves. Their senses and instinct driven behaviour makes them much more refined than humans, therefore in a situation that does not communicate anything to us, they are able to show us the message in it. With the help of the dogs we can see, what effect a group may have on us, how we can cooperate with others, and whether our roles and responsibilities are appropriate in certain situations? Are we able to handle stress, how we manage conflicts, or what are the competencies, that we may bravely build ourselves upon in order to be successful in different areas of life.

Team buildings 

Aim of the team buildings is to have a good atmosphere, common experience, which contributes to the effective cooperation in future within a particular team or group. Although many times the real goal of such an event may be very different from this. We use these type of trainings to resolve internal conflicts, integrate new colleagues, finetune the cooperation between different departments, accepting a new manager, leader, or just to stir up something and take motivation of colleagues or teams to a higher level. The goal is very appropriate, but execution may have different effect on people. If we choose an extreme way of execution, we may want to prepare ourselves that some of the colleagues may not feel themeselves comfortable, thus the gap between team members may widen.

Our team buildings contain both challenges that require physical and mental skills. What differs is that the participants get the chance to work with special partners, namely dogs, because they help the particpants to overcome their fear, to reduce any pressure resulting from proving or meeting requirements, that happens many times in case of a person to person relationship. Moreover the dogs help the trainers to see the actual group dynamism, to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of cooperation within the group.

Outdoor programs include agility, an excellent sport for everyone. It is important to have.